Amucha swadesh Hindusthan (Hindusthan our Motherland)

While in internment in Ratnagiri (coastal Western Maharashtra), Savarkar was barred from participating in political activities. Nonetheless, his patriotism found expression in his poetry. He composed poems to ignite the spirit of patriotism and longing for freedom. In 1925, he composed a Marathi poem titled ‘Amucha swadesh Hindusthan’ (Hindusthan our Motherland) on the occasion of a Akhil Hindu Mela (pan-Hindu gathering). Given below is an English translation of Savarkar’s poem ‘Amucha swadesh Hindusthan’ with the Marathi original. The translation has been done by Anurupa Cinar.
Amucha swadesh Hindusthan (Hindusthan our Motherland)


अमुचा स्वदेश हिंदुस्थान

आम्हां हिंदूंचा तो केवळ, होय जीव कीं प्राण II धृ II


देवालय हें पवित्र अपुल्या I देवाचे सुमहान

वाडवडीलांचे हें मंदिर I स्वर्ग मृतांचा जाण





चिल्यापिल्यांची दाई अपुल्या I दुधांचे पान

फुलाफळांनी डवडवलेले I  प्रेमाचे उद्यान 




सत्ता अपुली मत्ता अपुली I ही रत्नांची खाण

कुणीहिरावुनि  नेऊ बघता I रक्षू अर्पुनी प्राण


Hindusthan, our very own Motherland!

To us Hindus she is everything,

Our life and our very soul.


The holy abode she is

Where the Gods in all their magnanimity reside.

A Heaven for one and all she is,

A temple for our forefathers to abide.


Suckling her Little ones at her breast

Tender care upon them she showers.

O, she is truly a Garden of Love

Abounding with blossoming fruits and flowers.


She is our Might, she is our Pride,

She is our diamond mine.

Dare anyone try to shackle her,

We shall defend her with our life!