On 01 July 1910, Savarkar was put on the S.S. Morea which was to bring him from London to India to stand trial. On 08 July 1910, Savarkar made his historic leap into the ocean when the ship was docked off the port of Marseilles. He was arrested and brought back to the ship. He was now handcuffed and largely confined to his cabin. He was restrained by two guards even when he was brought out for a short while to breathe fresh air. His cabin was kept well lit throughout the night. Light would be continuously shone on his face. This robbed him of any peace and privacy. One night, the guards vacated the portion of the ship where he was housed. Savarkar sensed that the guards were planning to attack him. Even as he was lost in a trance, Savarkar saw a pistol hanging out from the pocket of a guard’s trouser as it lay hanging on the wall opposite him. Should they attack him, he would use the pistol to finish his attackers and then take his own life, thought Savarkar. In this despondent situation, Savarkar composed the following Marathi poem. This invigorated him.

Given below is an English translation of Savarkar’s poem. The English translation has been done by Anurupa Cinar.

अनादि मी अनंत मी, अवध्य मी भला,
मारिल रिपु जगति असा कवण जन्मला II धृ II
Without beginning nor end am I, Inviolable am I.
Vanquish me? In this world no such enemy is born!
अट्टाहास करित जई धर्मधारणी
मृत्युसीच गाठ घालु मी घुसे रणी
अग्नि जाळि मजसी न खड्ग चेदितो
भिउनि मला भ्याड मृत्यु पळत सुटतो
खुळा रिपु I तया स्वयें
मृत्यूचाचि भितिने भिववू मजसि ने II १ II
Resolutely, as the Upholder of Dharma,
Challenging very Death I charge into the battlefield.
A sword cannot slice me nor can fire burn me,
Craven Death itself shall flee in fear of me!
And yet, O Foolish Foe,
By fear of Death you dare to scare me!
लोटि हिंस्त्र सिंहाच्या पंजरी मला
नम्र दाससम चाटिल तो पदांगुला
कल्लोळी ज्वालांच्या फेकिशी जरी
हटुनि भंवति रचिल शीत सुप्रभावली
आण तुझ्या तोफांना क्रूर सैन्य तें
यंत्र तंत्र शस्त्र अस्त्र आग ओकते
हला हला I त्रिनेत्र तो
मी तुम्हांसि तैसाची गिळुनि जिरवतो ! II २ II
Fling me into the cage of a ferocious lion, you may---
Reduce him to a cowering servility, I will!
Fling me into the blaze of a roaring inferno, you may---
Remove it! For wrap myself with gentle coolness, I will.

Come! Bring on your mighty, skilled armed Legion,
Bring on your weapons and missiles spewing deadly fire!
Ha! Like Lord Shiva consuming the poison Halahal,
Gulp down and digest all of you, I will