Shastrageet (Ode to Weapons)

In 1938, students in Pune took out a big procession demanding that the restrictions on weapons be lifted. Savarkar wrote this poem for them on that occassion. The English translation has been done by Anurupa Cinar

Shastrageet (Ode to Weapons)


शस्त्रशक्तिनें मनुष्य हा जगे धरेवरी


रामचंद्र चापपाणि चक्रपाणि श्रीहरी


आर्तरक्षणार्थ घेति शस्त्र देवही करीं


शस्त्र पाप ना स्वयेंचि, शस्त्र पुण्य ना स्वयें


इष्टता अनिष्टताहि त्यास हेतुनेंच ये


राष्ट्ररक्षणार्थ शस्त्र धर्म्य मानिते जरी


आंग्ल जर्मनी जपान राष्ट्र राष्ट्र भूवरी


भारतांतची स्वदेशरक्षणार्थ कां तरी


शस्त्र-धारणीं बळेंचि बंध हा अम्हांवरी ?



शस्त्र-बंधनें करा समस्त नष्ट या क्षणा


शस्त्र-सिद्ध व्हा झणीं, समर्थ आर्त-रक्षणा


व्हावया स्वदेश सर्व सिद्ध आत्मशासना


नव्या पिढीस द्या त्वरें समग्र युद्धशिक्षणा !

Tiger, croc, snake, lion, one n’ all predatory

Man survives on earth by the might of weaponry


Holds Shri Ram a bow, a chakra Shri Krishna Hari


To protect the oppressed, even the Gods wield weaponry


A weapon itself has no virtue nor any iniquity


Only its purpose gives it propriety or impropriety.


Dharma it is to defend the motherland with weaponry


Lo, for nation-nation ee’n Britain, Japan, n’ Germany


In defense of our country to bear weapons mighty


Why then are we forbidden from it in Bharat only?


Destroy one n’ all the bans on weapons instantly


Master the weapons at once t’ protect the oppressed capably.


For us to establish self-governance in our very own country


Forthwith impart the new generation with training military.