Armed Revolution

India won her freedom from British rule due to the combined efforts of patriots of all persuasions. These included the armed revolutionaries, moderate and radical leaders as well as those who led mass movements. Veer Savarkar has been hailed as the ‘prince of revolutionaries’. It was Savarkar’s contention that freedom cannot be won by pleas and petitions. As early as 1900, Savarkar proclaimed that absolute political independence was his goal and incessant armed revolution was the means to achieve that goal. Savarkar regarded the work of revolutionaries like that of sappers and miners in the army. Some of them fearlessly went to the gallows; others underwent untold suffering and torture. Their sacrifice inspired later generations to plunge into mass movements. Through word and deed, Savarkar inspired generations of revolutionaries both in India and abroad. He is credited with placing the case for India’s freedom on the international scene. The period from 1897 to 1924 may be broadly termed as the revolutionary phase in Savarkar’s life.