The Oath of Abhinav Bharat


In the name of God,
In the name of Bharat Mata,
In the name of all the Martyrs that have shed their blood for Bharat Mata,
By the Love, innate in all men and women, that I bear to the land of my birth,
wherein the sacred ashes of my forefathers, and which is the cradle of my
By the tears of Hindi Mothers for their children whom the Foreigner has enslaved, imprisoned, tortured, and killed,
I, …
Convinced that without Absolute Political Independence or Swarajya my country can never rise to the exalted position among the nations of the earth which is Her due,
And Convinced also that that Swarajya can never be attained except by the waging of a bloody and relentless war against the Foreigner,
Solemnly and sincerely Swear that I shall from this moment do everything in
my power to fight for Independence and place the Lotus Crown of Swaraj
on the head of my Mother;
And with this object, I join the Abhinav Bharat, the revolutionary Society of all
Hindusthan, and swear that I shall ever be true and faithful to this my
solemn Oath, and that I shall obey the orders of this body;
If I betray the whole or any part of this solemn Oath, or if I betray this body or
any other body working with a similar object,
May I be doomed to the fate of a perjurer!