Basis of Hindu Muslim Unity

A piece from Veer Savarkar’s Play Uttarkriya


Convey our message to the Emperor not to indulge in hate of the Marathas in future. May be through such relations a common Indian Empire could evolve where Hindus and Muslims would be able to function as brothers on the basis of equality! One who becomes an emperor with the consent and prowess of the Hindus, it does not matter if he is Muslim or not by religion! Hence forward if the Muslims treat Bharatmata as mother and Hindus as brothers then we Hindus will treat them as brothers. If they want unity, it will occur on this basis. If not, then we are not afraid of disunity! Phadanis, when my brave Sardars return to Poona, take them round in a victorious procession. And shower Commander-in-Chief Biniwale with flowers made of Gold! I give you leave to depart, I want some private moments. (Phadanis goes). At last, we have discharged the duty that had fallen to our generation. We have avenged the defeat of Panipat! There is nothing permanent in the world. It is the duty of the future generations to foster or to end this Kingdom of Swadharma. But today, at least, there is no Muslim power in Hindustan worth taking notice. My Hindu Kingdoms now blossoming. Now you, tuberculosis, if you today take away my tired body, it is not a matter of worry.
(Samagra Savarkar Vangmay Vol. 7, Page 722)