Veer Savarkar's Family Members

Veer Savarkar's Family Members

Mainatai (Mai) Bhaskar Kale

Savarkar’s sister.  Born in 1886 in Bhagur.  Married Bhaskarrao Kale of Trimbakeshwar in her childhood as per custom.  Had three sons – Ambadas (Vasant), Lakshman (Vilas) and Madhusudan.  After the death of her husband, Mai brought up her children and ensured their education.  Her eldest son, Dr. Ambadas was a medical officer who retired in Trimbakeshwar.  Was married to Vimal and had four sons Narendra (Veterinary Surgeon, Dhule), Dr. Pratap (settled in USA), Vijay (Architect, Nashik), Prakash (Engineer, Ahmednagar) and daughter Shobha (married to Anant Tilak, Engineer, Pune).  Mai’s second son Dr. Lakshman married Dr. Mangala and settled in Nashik; had a son Ajit (Engineer) and two daughters Kalpana Maydeo and Kirti Joshi (both settled in Mumbai).  Mai’s third son Madhusudan was a medical representative in Manmad,  married Pushpa and settled in Nashik; had two sons Dilip (Engineer, Dehra Doon) and Anil (Business, Pune). Mai Kale passed away in 1947.  


Dr. Narayan Damodar Savarkar

Younger brother of Veer Savarkar. Born on 25 May 1888. Dentist by profession. Made great efforts to get his two elder brothers released. Participated in revolutionary activities in Nashik. Participated in Tilakite political activities. He published the Shraddhananda weekly for three years in memory of Swami Shraddhananda who was murdered by a Muslim called Abdul Rashid. Was a senior worker of the Mumbai Hindu Sabha and president of the Mumbai Hindu Sabha for some years. The first shakha (branch) of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in Mumbai started in his clinic. Was physically assaulted in the aftermath of the Gandhi murder. Never fully recovered and died on 19 October 1949.


Yamunabai Vinayak or Mai Savarkar (Read our special feature on Mai Savarkar)

Savarkar’s wife. Born on 04 December 1888 or Margashirsh shukla 1, Vikram samvat 1945. Her father Bhaurao Chiplunkar rose to become dewan (minister) of Jawhar principality near Thane. Married Savarkar in February 1901 or Magh Vikram samvat 1957. It was Mai’s father Bhaurao Chiplunkar who bore Savarkar’s expenses in London. Supported Savarkar silently throughout her life. Organized haldi-kumkum programmes in Ratnagiri as part of Savarkar’s campaign of social reform. Bore Savarkar four children in all. The eldest Prabhakar died while Savarkar was in London. Their daughter Prabhat was born in Satara in January 1925. Their second daughter Shalini was a sickly child and expired in childhood when the Savarkars were in Ratnagiri. Their son Vishwas was born in Mumbai in March 1928. Mai Savarkar died on 08 November 1962 or Kartik 8 Vikram samvat 2020 in Mumbai.