Punjab Provincial Hindu Conference, Annual Session, Lyallpur, 30 April 1943.

The Punjab Provincial Hindu Conference opened at Lyallpur on 30 April 1943 in a tastefully decorated pandal. A huge procession was taken to mark the Conference Enthusiastic cheering greeted the president-elect of the Punjab Hindu Sabha Conference, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee as the train steamed into the Lyallpur Station where the conference was held. Seated in a magnificent chariot built in the ancient Hindu style, richly caparisoned, drawn by twelve white bullocks, Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was taken in a huge procession, which was more than a mile long. Some 30,000 people followed the procession. Raja Narendranath inaugurated the Conference. Dr Moonje hoisted the Hindu Sabha Flag at Chitor Garh amidst scenes of great enthusiasm. In his Presidential address Dr Mukherjee strongly opposed the vivisection of India and wish that out of the chaos and conflict of the war would emerge a new world order based on equality, justice and freedom.  Prominent among those sitting on the dais were Dr. BS Moonje, Rai Bahadur Mehrchand Khanna, Sir Gokulchand Narang, Raja Narendranath and Shri Goswami Ganesh Dutt.  A big map of ‘Akhand Hindusthan’ hung outside the pandal.  The Conference concluded on 03 May 1943.

Click here for rare video clip of Dr. BS Moonje and Dr. SP Mookerjee and the impressive Presidential procession, Flag hoisting and pictures of the proceedings of Lyallpur Hindu Sabha Conference.

Courtesy: Imperial War Museum, London