Social Reform

Savarkar was an illustrious social reformer. He firmly believed that political and social reforms are equally important and complementary to each other. During his time, many self-imposed shackles and superstitions had weakened Hindu society. Through his speeches, writings and actions, Savarkar launched a sustained campaign of social reform. Though Savarkar concentrated on social reform when he was forbidden to take part in political activities, it must be remembered that his commitment to social reform was lifelong. He considered his work in the social sphere to be even more important than his spectacular escape from the ship into the ocean. Savarkar preached and practiced social reform not merely because it strengthened Hindu society and nation. Above all, Savarkar’s social thought stemmed from his humanism. He championed social reform even amongst followers of other religions. The period from 1924 to 1937 may be broadly termed as the phase of social reform in Savarkar’s life.