Social Reform

Q & A

Questions and Answers This section deals with various aspects of Savarkar’s life, thought, actions and relevance in a question and answer format. Questions are raised regarding Savarkar and his place in Indian history. Some of these questions stem from genuine curiosity and willingness to understand. Some questions take the form of accusations born out of outright ignorance or sheer malice. This section aims to address some of these questions...

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Veer Savarkar as a social reformer- Part II

Amongst other things, Swatantryaveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was a great social reformer. His thoughts on social reform have fundamental significance. However, what is more important is that he practiced what he preached. As he himself said, “He who gives up verbosity and acts as per the principle of ‘irrespective of whether others do it or not, as far as I am concerned, I will practice reform on a daily basis” alone is a true reformer. (1935, Hindutvache panchapran or The Spirit of Hindutva; ..

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Veer Savarkar as a social reformer- Part I

Swatantryaveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (28 May 1883 to 26 Feb 1966) was a fearless freedom fighter, social reformer, writer, dramatist, historian, political leader and philosopher. Unfortunately, Savarkar has been a victim of malice and misinformation. Those who disagree with Savarkar’s political views start with the assumption that he was an obscurantist and a reactionary bigot. As a considerable part of his literature is in Marathi, his thoughts and achievements in several spheres are largely ..

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