Q & A

Questions and Answers This section deals with various aspects of Savarkar’s life, thought, actions and relevance in a question and answer format. Questions are raised regarding Savarkar and his place in Indian history. Some of these questions stem from genuine curiosity and willingness to understand. Some questions take the form of accusations born out of outright ignorance or sheer malice. This section aims to address some of these questions. What are Savarkar's unique contributions to Marathi ..

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Necessity Of Revenge

A piece from Veer Savarkar’s Play “Usshap” KAMALINI- (She displays the blood-stained dagger) Have you seen this! This is the thorn of the beautiful flower of young Hindu maidens! Oh Hindu Virgins, take look at this blood stained dagger! When our men and Gods cannot protect chastity and religion, then they are protected, either by the sacred fire of Chittor or this dagger of revenge! There is big difference between them. The sacred fire of Chittor makes victim of Godly for the satanics. It hangs ..

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