Arms will Rule the World

A piece from Veer Savarkar’s Play 'Sanyast Khadg'


Let it happen as God desires! Mankind’s greatest enemy is man, the destroyer of human beings. Let this stain on mankind be wiped out and let the honour of establishing peace on earth fall to our Lord Buddha! But gentlemen, with deep anguish I declare my fear that twenty-five years hence this world will, because of its bad luck, be ruled by arms only. Might is right! Blood- stained empires’ victory horse will be trampling on the earth and under its hoops those will be first trodden who thinking the dreams of peace as coming times will renounce the arms-and who becoming enfeebled will have to depend on others’ mercy. They will shallow the hook of violence by the bait of non-violence. Bharat will be forced to endure the dreadful consequences of this terrible mistake-for the next 25 generations mistake of permitting anyone to become a monk and thus make lacks of people enfeebled by vow of renouncing arms! But I am following the wishes of our Lord Buddha because future generations should not feel that this experiment failed because Buddha, the greatest man, did not receive co-operation in his noble task, and I enter the monastery from today. (He ungirdles the sword) This sword dedicated to the service of the race of Shakya and my son Vallabha I entrust to the hands of my Shakya race and I enter the monastery as a monk.
(Samagra Savarkar Vangmay Vol. 7 Page 570)