Necessity Of Revenge

A piece from Veer Savarkar’s Play “Usshap”


(She displays the blood-stained dagger)
Have you seen this! This is the thorn of the beautiful flower of young Hindu maidens!
Oh Hindu Virgins, take look at this blood stained dagger! When our men and Gods cannot protect chastity and religion, then they are protected, either by the sacred fire of Chittor or this dagger of revenge! There is big difference between them. The sacred fire of Chittor makes victim of Godly for the satanics. It hangs an innocent in place of thief. It destroys the weak to deny opportunity to aggressors. It sets fire to one’s own house so that the incendiary could not set fire to one’s own house. The sacred fire of Chittor disappoints the evil doer, but is unable to destroy him. But this dagger of revenge, this dagger of anger accomplishes both the tasks. One who violates our bodies or religion to him, if not today, tomorrow, if not at night at day, now or later, during daylight or in darkness, during seizure or embrace, awake or asleep, wherever the opportunity occurs, this indignant dagger of righteous anger seeks out and punishes for his misdeed. Hence aggressor is more afraid of this dagger of revenge than of the sacred fire of Chittor. This dagger may not probably help to save the chastity of a young girl! But it surely will revenge the violated chastity. The prowess of this revenge will also save the chastity of other hundreds of virgins. The evil violator will be afraid to keep in his harem such women who are carrying such secret daggers, just like a man who is afraid of carrying fire in his sleeve. That rascal wanted to hunt me as a deer! You fool, the eyes of Hindu girls are like those of a deer. But see their nail ! (shows dagger)! It is more pointed, hard and cruel, than the nail of a lioness! My revenge, the revenge of my religion! I have taken revenge for those virgins who have been violated by this evil man. No other officer will dare to wander with free and shameless arrogance in the Hindu garden plucking the beautiful flowers of Hindu beauties! Because like a serpent this dagger moves in the garden and bites him. This they have experienced. If not, taste this poison again!!!
(Samagra Savarkar Vangmay Vol. 7 page 531)