Ha Bhagat Singh, Hay Ha (Woe is me, oh Bhagat Singh, oh)

On March 23, 1931, Bhagat Singh was sent to the gallows. Upon learning of this Savarkar was very sorrowful and greatly distressed and the poem “हा भगतसिंग,हाय हा” (“Woe is me, oh Bhagat Singh, oh”) came to him spontaneously. Despite the watchful eyes of the police the youth in Ratnagiri immediately learnt the poem and took out a Prabhat-pheri and Ratnagiri mourned the loss of the great Martyrs Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, and Sukh Dev by singing Savarkar’s poem.
The English translation has been done by Anurupa Cinar


हा भगतसिंग, हाय हा                                  Woe is me, oh Bhagat Singh, oh
जाशि आजि, फांशी आम्हांस्तवचि वीरा, हाय हा!     For us today to the gallows you go

राजगुरू तूं, हाय हा!                                    Woe is me, oh Rajguru, oh!

राष्ट्र समरी, वीर कुमरा पडसि झुंजत, हाय हा!       O Brave One, battling in the national war you go!

हाय हा, जयजय अहा!                                  Ah woe! But to you kudos!

हाय हायचि आजची, उदयीकच्या जिंकी जया          II In today’s woe is victory tomorrow II


राजमुकुटा तो धरी                                       He will the glory crown wear

मृत्युच्या मुकुटासि आधी बांधी जो जन निजशिरीं !    Who first will the Crown of Death bear!

शस्त्र धरुचि अम्हि स्वतः                                To bear those weapons ourselves we prepare

धरुनि जें तूं समरिं शत्रुशि मरसि मारीत मारतां !       Ones t’death you used on the enemy in warfare!

अधम तरि तो कोणता ?                                 Is there anywhere such a foe?

हेतुच्या तव वीरतेची जो न वंदिल शुद्धता II             Who the purity of your brave goal not salute so II


जा हुतात्म्यांनो, अहा !                                   Ah, O Martyrs, adieu, adieu!
साक्ष ठेवुनि शपथ घेतों आम्हि उरलों तें पहा !           Those of us left behind testify to an oath here!

शस्त्रसंगर चंड हा In this fierce warfare dear

झुंजावुनि कीं, जिंकुची स्वातंत्र्यविजयासी पहा !          We shall fight and surely win, never fear!

हा भगतसिंग, हाय हा Woe is me,                   oh Bhagat Singh, oh!